Hot Water Tank Installation

hot water tank installationOn average, the typical hot water tank lasts between 8 _ 12 years.  Some of the key factors that dictate the life of your tank include water quality, water temperature required, usage _ maintenance.

When the time does come for a new hot water tank installation, we can have your hot water back on before the dishes stack up or your friends start casually mentioning their favourite deodorant. We can also seismically brace your tank to help protect your property in the event of a seismic event.  We always take away your old tank for recycling free of charge.

Things you can do to extend the life of your hot water tank.

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Reduce the tank thermostat setting to 120 F / 49 C or lower

The hotter the setting,the faster minerals will eat away at the tank lining reducing it’s life expectancy.

Drain and flush your hot water tank annually

Flushing your tank on an annual basis cleans the tank of unwanted sediments and deposits that build up over time.  These sediments and deposits make the tank work harder, decrease the tank’s efficiency, and thus decrease it’s life expectancy and in doing so adding unnecessary utility costs to your bill.

Replace the sacrificial anode

Your hot water tank contains what’s called a sacrificial anode and it serves an important purpose, to protect the tank lining.  Trace metals in the water are attracted to the sacrificial anode and erode it over time.  Once the protective sacrificial anode has been degraded the trace metals will start to erode the tank lining which will lead to replacing your tank.