Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump installation is required for drainage piping that is unable to drain via gravity.  These systems play the part of forcing water _ effluent up to an elevation where it can be tied into a regular gravity drain.

Pumps, being a mechanical device, require maintenance and periodic inspection for proper operation and to ensure sump conditions are optimal.

Whether you require a new sump pump system or the replacement of an existing one, we can help.

Things you can do to keep your sump pump functioning well.

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  1. Perform annual inspections of the pump chamber to ensure ideal pump conditions
  2. Install a high water audible alarm in the event of pump failure
  3. Consider a 2 pump system in lieu of a single pump system.  2 pump systems offer redundancy and ensure that if one pump fails, the other can pick up the slack ensuring a system back up does not ever occur.